1. To work for the allround welfare of Reddy Community.
  2. To make efforts to protect and preserve the rich culture, heritage and self-respect of the Reddy Community by accessing possible legal and democratic means.
  3. To help the Reddy Students and Youth hailing from poor families of the community to realize their endeavors.
  4. To help the unemployed Reddy Youth to find suitable Employment or help them in Self-employment.
  5. To Establish network among all sections of Reddy Community engaged in different fields like Commerce, Industry, Judiciary, Hospitality, Medicine, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Public service etc., for the betterment of Reddy Community and also to ensure that a working relationship is established among all Reddys.
  6. To Establish and Manage hostels for the boys and girls of Reddy Community pursuing studies.
  7. To identify the prospective and committed individuals of Reddy Community and to groom and motivate them for better carrier opportunities.
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